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Holy crap, it shifted the Earth's axis, too.


Were any of you even alive when Pearl Harbor got attacked?

Here are some choice quotes:

"Apparently God hasn't forgotten about Pearl Harbor either..."

The sheer arrogance here is astounding. Why do you think that God favors OUR country above all others, and why didn't He hit Japan with a massive quake DURING THE WAR instead of almost 70 years later?

"those damn krauts deserve to be hit by a earthquake tsunami for nuking pearl harbor."

1. Kraut is a derogatory term for Germans, not Japanese.

2. Japan didn't use a nuke on us.

Speaking of nukes.

"Karma: well japan did attack pearl harbor......."

We hit them with atomic bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Take a look at the numbers for immediate deaths, and the long-term effects from the radiation.

"who gives one shit about japan? not this guy. did they send aid when americans were dying during Katrina? hell no, remember pearl harbor? Late justice."

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I have a confession to make.

Back when I was in high school, I took birth control pills. I had bad acne, and needed something to control it until my hormones stabilized.

This means that I was also a whore.

Somehow, I managed to be a whore without having ever had sex with (or kissed) anyone, even to this day. That right there is an incredible feat, don't you think?

I understand completely if anybody wants to cut off all ties with me because I was a whore. No hard feelings.


I promise I will do a post tomorrow night on something other than women's rights or politics.


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