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I am not even fucking kidding.

If for some emergency I have to fly, I happen to be on my period, and they tell me to remove my tampon during the gropefest, I will tell them that shit. One woman's already been made to remove her pad.

I refuse to go through the porno/radiation scanners, and I refuse to go to a private room for the gropefest. I want witnesses to lessen the chance of them groping me more than they're already ordered to do, and to help back me up if they do.

This is something I said in another post about the TSA's fuckery:

...that's how it's supposed to be in the States, re: same sex person patting you down. Not only does that cause a lot of problems for people that are gay/bi/intersex/trans/whatever else doesn't fit the binary, it doesn't completely remove the risk of a TSA employee feeling you up for personal enjoyment. For all I know, the female employee patting me (I identify as a straight cis female) down might grope me even more unnecessarily than she's already ordered to.

I forgot to mention sexual assault victims, the disabled/handicapped, and those whose faiths don't allow anyone, even a doctor, to touch certain parts of the body.

This shit needs to stop. It shouldn't have ever started in the first place.


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